The Benefits of Castor Oil for Eye Health

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Castor oil has a long history of usage as an all-natural treatment for many ailments, including a number of prevalent eye disorders. In addition to helping with cataract care, this thick, calming oil helps alleviate dry eyes, lessen the look of under-eye bags, and control eye floaters. Learn the ins and outs of using castor oil safely on your eyes and how it might help.
Minimizing Eye Dryness
Itchy, red, and gritty eyes brought on by dryness are unpleasant symptoms. Castor oil has a stellar reputation for hydrating skin. To alleviate dry eye, try applying a little quantity of pharmaceutical-grade castor oil to your closed eyelids before bed. In contrast to lubricants made of water, the oil creates a barrier that allows the eyes to retain moisture for a longer period of time.

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