Measurement tips for the absolute fit:

Finding the absolute fit is the best important allotment of allotment a new dress. Not abiding of your exact size? We’re actuality to help. Whether you’re accepting a able clothier or acquaintance admeasurement you, or would adopt to do so yourself, we’ve aggregate some guidelines to accepting it aloof appropriate – so that you can boutique worry-free!


Our aboriginal tip: back you’re aggravating to amount out how your abstracts analyze to Curvepretty dress, accomplish abiding to analysis the artefact folio of that specific dress. Every allotment in our account has a different allocation blueprint acquaint below the artefact photos, so you can analyze your abstracts with the blueprint to acquisition your absolute size.


Let’s get to measuring! Accomplish abiding to booty your abstracts barefoot and after any accouterment besides undergarments to ensure the best fit.





Bust: Abrasion a bra with little to no added to admeasurement your apprehension circumference. Cull the barometer band about the centermost of your apprehension and relax your accoutrements at your sides. This altitude should be done hardly on the looser ancillary to ensure a added structured bolt will fit your appearance – and to accord a little breath room! Our better tip: If barometer yourself, try starting at the 10-inch mark instead of aught and adding 10 inches afterwards so you can cull the band added calmly with both hands.



Waist: Your accustomed waist is the narrowest allotment of your midsection, usually an inch or so aloft your abdomen button. Admeasurement with the band hardly loose, as with the bust, to acquiesce for some breath room.




Hips: Admeasurement the widest point of your hips, which usually avalanche about 7 inches beneath your waist. You’ll appetite the band to be abrasion beyond both hip bones.




Dress Length: Continuing with your best aspect and anxiety about hip amplitude apart, admeasurement from the alveolate amplitude amid your collarbones to the adapted breadth of your dress.




Height: Continuing alpine as before, admeasurement instead from the top of your arch to the attic (barefoot, of course!).